Summer Ideas

Check out these ideas to inspire you this summer!

  • Foliage Garden

    This garden’s planting are sparked by interesting foliage plants. Complementing the hydrangea and phlox are variegated canna, hosta, blue fescue, red cordyline, various gold-leaved plants, and even a purple-leaved hazelnut.

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  • Perennials & Stone

    Perennials look terrific backed by rough stone walls. Used here are salvia, heuchera, dianthus and heliopsis.

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  • Zen Terrarium

    Zen from the desert. A simple, oversized glass goblet encloses a minimalist desertscape of succulents and cacti.

    View our Succulent Plant Guide for tips and ideas >

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  • Natural & Elegant Companions

    The simple flower forms of coneflowers are natural (and elegant) companions to just about any type of ornamental grass. Red hot pokers and delphinium join in.

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  • Red, White and Blue

    Looking for more color? Paint something! A wall, a planter a chair or bench. Set if off with strong, contrasting colors. Here, painted containers in white and red contrast with patriotic blue. They’re all planted with white flowers—dianthus, petunia and oxalis. Add interesting accessories to give charm and personality.

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  • Simply Planted Pots

    Pots, simply planted, can add little jolts of color anywhere. Bidens, helichrysum, lobelia, calibrachoa and impatiens are paired with a nicely-patterned terracotta pot filled with a juniper.

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  • Summer Salvias

    Nothing shines in summer quite like salvias. Combine salvias of all kinds with plants of similar needs like chives and other Mediterranean-climate plants.

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  • Summer Shade Container

    Here’s a tour-de-force for a shaded summer patio—composed completely of houseplants! Bursting out of a glazed pot are alocasia, caladium, ivy among other tropical foliage plants.   Check out other Inspiring Container Garden ideas on Pinterest >

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  • Pots of Color

    Massing pots of colorful annuals and perennials is a gorgeous way to enliven a space where you can’t plant in the ground. Featured here are lavender, bacopa, cosmos, pelargoniums, verbena, dianthus, petunias and more.

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  • Be Fresh

    A totally new look: houseplants and other tropicals packed into a fire engine-red glazed pot—all to be enjoyed outdoors! Packed tightly together are bronze-leaved Ipomoea, chartreuse pothos, Calathea (with patterned leaves) and variegated Tradescantia, among other petite tropical plants.

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