Marathon I® Sod

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100% improved tall fescue. Easy care. Slightly coarser, more fibrous than bluegrass. Most rapid growing, rugged and durable of the Marathon family. Stays green year round and adapts well to varying Southern California climates and soils.

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Donut Type
Botanical Name Tall Fescue - Festuca Arundinacea
Foliage Color Dark Green
Landscape Uses Home, Sports
Plant Type Sod
General Care Water: 2 to 3 Times/Week at 80% ETo Optimum, 60% ETo Minimum. Mowing: Spring, Summer, Fall—Weekly. Fertilization: Specify Marathon Sod and Seed Starter® (15-15-15) at 10 Lbs./1000 Sq. Ft. prior to installation. Use Marathon All Season® (25-5-5) at 6-week Intervals at a rate of 4 Lbs./1000 Sq. Ft. during Fall, Winter, and Spring.

One Year Warranty:
Southland Sod Farms will provide replacement sod at no charge as needed to replace any dead areas of a Marathon® Lawn within one year of installation. Click HERE to learn more.

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