Landscape Designer Home Visit

What's Included?

The landscape design appointment (for areas up to 2,500 square feet) includes walking your garden, discussing the project, a plant list and a hand-drawn planting diagram. The plant list and hand-drawn diagrams will be completed off-site and presented within 3-4 weeks. If your project involves items other than plants and the installation of plants, such as irrigation, lighting or hardscape your designer can request separate bids from one of our contracted installers.


Cost: $400

The cost for this service covers four-hours of a designer’s time, and a $100 Armstrong Gift Card usable for landscape or in-store purchases. Total designer time will be four hours, which includes: initial home visit, off-site drawing time and post install follow-up.  If more than four hours is needed our designer will let you know and extra hours can be purchased at the rate of $75 per hour.



Blueprint Option

If your dream garden requires extensive planting, irrigation or hardscaping, you’ll want to have a blueprint to work from. Our design expert will visit your home and consult with you before putting you in touch with a landscape architect who can create a blueprint plan created for your project. Our landscape architect  will give you a separate quote for the blueprint plan. The blueprint  plan will include a planting plan and construction-grade drawings. Blueprint fee varies.



Thank you.  We are so pleased with the work that Jeff and his crew did.Everything turned out perfect - rain and all!!!

- Dave, Orange County


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