• Cool Season Edibles

    There are many edible plants that grow best in cooler weather. Try your hand at growing them and enjoy the fruits - or veggies -  of your labor during the winter months.

    • Get started by finding a sunny spot. Most edibles prefer full sun. You can grow them in containers or in the ground.
    • If you're growing in containers use EB Stone Edna's Best Potting Soil. An organic, well draining soil is best. It allows the roots to get the water they need without getting water logged in the container.
    • If you plant in the ground, use E.B. Stone Flower and Vegetable Mix at 50/50 ratio mixed with your existing soil.
    • Water thoroughly after planting and then again once every 3 - 4 days. 
    • The best time of day to water is between 4am - 8am as this helps to reduce water evaporation. And, add a  2-inch layer of organic Planting Compost to conserve soil moisture.
    • For best results, add organic Tomato and Vegetable food once a month.


    Cool Season Favorites:

    CauliflowerBok Choy - Space 6 - 10 inches apart. Plant in rich, loose soil. Harvest when it reaches twelve to eighteen inches tall.

    Broccoli -  Space 12 - 24 inches apart. Plant in moist, fertile soil. Harvest when the head size is 4 to 7 inches and it is a deep green color.

    Cabbage - space cabbage plants 12 - 24 inches apart. Harvest the cabbage once you see a cabbage head.

    Cauliflower - space cauliflower 18 - 24 inches apart. Keep soil evenly moist. Harvest when the heads are compact and firm.

    Chard - space chard 9 - 12 inches apart. Keep soil evenly moist. You can start harvesting when they reach 6 to 8 inches tall. If you harvest the outer leaves only the plant will continue to produce new leaves.

    Lettuce - space Leaf lettuce 4 - 8 inches apart, Firm-headed lettuce 16 inches apart. It's best to harvest in the morning. You can harvest leaf lettuce by removing the outer leaves and leaving the center leaves to continue to grow to maturity and then you can cut the whole plant. Harvest firm headed lettuce when it reaches full size.

    Peas - bush peas grow best in smaller spaces. Grow on a trellis for easy picking. Harvest regularly as they mature to encourage more peas.

    Strawberries - space plants 20 inches apart. Strawberries have shallow roots and require regular watering. Harvest 4 - 6 weeks after flowering.


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