Maintaining a rich green, lush lawn during winter is easy if you follow just a few guidelines. Watering, feeding and mowing are the primary activities. Diseases and bugs are rarely problems during cooler weather.   LawnMarathon and other Cool-Season Lawns The cooler seasons of fall, winter and spring are when these lawns look their very best. They are actively growing and need regular watering and regular feeding. For Marathon lawns and other cool season grasses use Marathon All-Season Lawn Food or Armstrong Garden Centers Lawn Fertilizer.  Warm-Season Lawns Over-seeded with Winter Rye Grass Regular watering of annual rye grass is critical—especially when California’s rains come late—or not at all. Over-seeded lawns are not deeply rooted and a day of dryness during a hot spell (it can get 80 degrees in December!) can ruin the lawn for the rest of the season. Feed winter rye with Scott's Turf Builder—it has extra iron to green up your lawn.  Dormant Warm-Season Lawns A neatly-tended dormant lawn can look just fine in California. Especially when surrounded by a well-cared-for border of low-water shrubs, trees and flowers. Mowing and feeding should not be done, but in a very dry winter, you may need to water once every three to four weeks, especially during very warm or windy weather. With periodic rains, there’s no need to water. Wait until March to feed.    Click here to see more lawn Care Tips >   Click here to read winter garden inspiration ideas >