Armstrong Growers (Armstrong's Growing Division) is committed to maintaining the quality of life for the surrounding community. One way we do that is by recycling the water we use. Each of Armstrong Growers’ three facilities is designed to be sustainable. 
  • No water runoff from our growing facility
  • We collect 100% of our irrigation water using a system of canals and holding ponds.
  • The water ends up in a central pond where it is taken up into a Purotech filtration system.
  • This system cleans bacteria and deposits from the water allowing us to reuse it.
  • We blend the recycled water with city water throughout the year.
  • This not only keeps groundwater clean and pure; it also reduces water costs and the cost of plants for customers
Recycling benefits the environment, our company and our customers. We are proud that Armstrong Growers is an industry leader in recycling. Learn more about our water recycling system in the video below.   Learn more about our sustainable growing practices >