Tips for Successful Citrus Trees Minimize Water, Fertilizer, and Pruning for Best Fruit Production

July 2012

WHAT:  Southern Californians love gardening, but sometimes the plants they want to grow present daunting challenges.  While not California natives, citrus trees thrive in Southern California's Costal Mediterranean climate.  Many backyard gardeners struggle with getting the fruit they want.  The keys to success are based on the best tips from the experts.

WHO:    Armstrong Garden Center’s Ed Gauss is a California Certified Nursery Professional, and an expert on citrus trees.  Some of the things he can talk about include:
  • Drainage – Get advice from the expert on how to test for the drainage in your soil and how to pick the best spot to plant your tree.
  • Plant Selection – There are lots of varieties, but how do you choose the tree that will be best in your own garden?
  • Watering is one of the most important things to consider.  How often do you give it water, and what are the signs of too little or too much?
  • Fertilize – What to use, and how frequently to use it.
  • Common pests – What do you look for, and how do you treat it when you find it.  The value of organic versus chemical products.
  • Pruning - Unless you’re concerned about the shape of your citrus trees, they don’t need pruning.