Bird Bath Planted with Succulents One of the great things about growing succulents is that they are easy to grow! Give them a sunny spot and good drainage and they will flourish. Get creative when choosing a container to grow succulents in. This birdbath makes a beautiful container garden. Since it is elevated above the garden it can be seen from further distances and can be a great focal point. Step 1: Create proper drainage Since birdbaths are designed to hold water you'll need to improve the drainage. Drill a hole (using a diamond bit) in the center of the bird bath.  Step 2: Choose your soil We used E.B. Stone Cactus Mix. Add a layer of potting soil to get started. Step 3: Choose your succulents Succulents come in many different colors, shapes and sized. We chose an Aloe, and Echeverias as our mounding plants and a Senecio to trail over the sides.  Step 4: Planting Remove the succulents from their plastic containers and arrange on the bird bath. Place the Aloe and Echeveria in the middle and the trailing Senecio at the edges. Fill in around them with Cactus Mix and tamp the soil down around the plants. Step 5: Finishing Touches Top dress the soil around your plantings. We chose to use a mix of small white, blue and gray pebbles that tie in nicely with the white finish of our birdbath. Then, we added a few larger stones in the same colors to add more visual interest.