Full Sun Project You can enjoy scrumptious strawberries at home in any size yard by growing them in containers. A strawberry jar is an especially fun way to grow strawberries. Strawberry jars have holes on the sides of the pot for plants in addition to the top. Start by pouring potting soil into the container up to the level of the first set of holes. Pull the leaves of the plant through the hole from the inside. Once you have a plant in each of the lower level holes add more potting soil to cover their root system and bring the level of soil up to the next set of holes. Continue this process to the top of the pot, then plant a strawberry or two at the top. To add variety, plant another edible plant with the strawberries. Here, creeping thyme is planted with the strawberries.   Shopping List 1 – Strawberry jar 1 bag Edna's Best Potting soil 1 box E.B. Stone Sure Start Fertilizer 5 – Strawberry plants 3 – Creeping Thyme   PinterestFollow our Pinterest Board Berry Delicious for tips and tasty recipes >