How to pick the perfect pot: Container gardens can add a punch of color, elegance, creativity and drama to our gardens. As with statuary and garden art they are the accent pieces in our gardens. The key to success with a garden in a container is choosing a pot that has good drainage. Here are some other key tips for choosing your new container: Style... First things first.. pick a pot that appeals to you! What's your style? Just like when you choose art and decor for your home, consider your style and what suits you and your garden when selecting containers. Pots come in all sorts of styles from traditional terra cotta to sleek glazed pottery, painted ceramics and even light weight pottery. Size does matter! What you plan to plant in your container will determine what size pot you need. You want to give your new plants room to grow. At the minimum go 2 inches larger than the pot they are currently in. For plants such as trees and shrubs that you want to keep in the container for a long time go even larger so they can grow in place for two or 3 years. Also, keep in mind large pots hold moisture in the soil longer, smaller pots dry out more quickly. Shape -  the shape of the container might be dictated by its surroundings. For example you might want a square pot to fit into a corner or a low round bowl-shaped pot to sit on your outdoor table without obstructing your diners views. You might choose a taller pot to add height in the middle of an other wise low bed. Shade - the color of the container can match or complement your surrounding or stand out as a bold color against green. You can match the color of the pot with the colors of plants you'd like to use or choose a neutral color and let the plants be the stars.   At Armstrong Garden Centers, we have a huge selection of new pottery for spring in great new colors, styles, textures and shapes. Browse our container departments and you'll find the perfect pot for your new container garden.   Now that you've chosen your container, watch our video to learn How To Plant a Container Garden.