What party is complete with some grub (and we are not talking bugs here!).  Here are some Ladybug inspired ideas that will surely bring some smiles to your guests!   Ladybug SkewersLadybug Skewers from the Garden Make edible ladybugs from fresh fruit growing in your garden. Slide a strawberry and a blackberry (red grapes or blueberries work great too) onto a barbecue skewer. Plan ahead of your party and grow Botanical Interests Cat grass in a container. Place the Ladybug skewers in the container of grass for presentation. Place the Ladybug skewers in the grass for guests.                     Ladybug AppetizersLadybug Appetizer from the Garden This cute appetizer is made from toasted slices of a baguette that are garnished with a ladybug made of fresh slices of tomato and black olives sitting atop fresh garden pesto and basil leaves. Grow several varieties of basil to add more color to your summertime dishes. Here we’ve used Sweet Basil, Purple Basil, and Variegated Basil ‘Pesto Perpetuo’                     CLICK HERE for a Printer-Friendly Download   Join us on Pinterest for more Ladybug ideas >