The only thing you need to know when you come to Armstrong Garden Centers to select your houseplant is what type of light the plant will receive in the spot you want to place it. And there's an easy way to determine the amount of light you have. Take a piece of white paper and hold your hand about 8 inches above the paper.   Here's what your results will determine; You have:
  • High Light - If you can clearly see the shadow from your hand and it has some definition.
  • Medium Light - if there is a blurred shadow.
  • Low Light - if there is no shadow.
Now, we've made the rest very easy for you.  When you visit our Houseplant department you will notice large posters that say High Light, Medium Light, and Low light. By each of these posters we have grouped plants for these light requirements.       Take a closer look and you will notice on the side of each houseplant pot there is a white label. On this label, you will also find the light requirements for the plant along with the name of the plant and its watering and fertilizing needs.         So, stop in.. take a look around.. We have many beautiful houseplants that will suit any decor... and if you have any other questions.. just ask.. we're here to help!