Get the lush, green lawn that will be the envy of the neighborhood. There is some preparation that will need to be done before selecting the right sod for your yard based on sunlight and preference so plan accordingly to get the best results.   1. Clear Area & Treat for Weeds It’s important to start with a clean base before you lay sod. Remove all weeds and debris and treat the area with a weed and grass killer like KleenUp. Wait 7-10 days after applying KleenUp before you lay your sod. If the area is very weedy do a second application a week later to ensure all weeds and weed seeds are killed.   2. Amend with Top Soil The key to success for all plants including grass is good quality soil. Add a 2-3 inch layer of topsoil to the native soil and till the soil in. This will break up the clay soil allowing for better root development and drainage. Level the soil.   3. Fertilize It’s important to amend the soil with a lawn starter that will give the lawn the nutrients it needs to root in. Use a starter fertilizer like Marathon Sod and Seed Starter 15-15-15.   4. Lay the Sod Start laying the sod on a straight edge such as a driveway. Lay one piece of sod at a time laying each piece snug against each other. Lay the sod like bricks and cut the sod to size as needed.   5. Roll the Sod Use a water-filled roller to help level the sod. Rolling the sod also makes sure there’s good contact between the sod and soil so it can root in properly.   6. Water Water your newly laid sod thoroughly each day (if there is no rainfall) for the first 14 days. Slowly cut back on the watering to encourage deep root growth.   7. Feed Feed your lawn every 6 weeks with a lawn fertilizer. We recommend Armstrong Garden Centers Lawn Fertilizer.   Check out our Lawn Care section for tips caring for you grass all year > No time? Let us install the sod for you, learn about installation services >