Want the feeling of being on a tropical island getaway each time you step out of your back door? Create a tropical garden in your back yard and you may never want to leave.   The tropical look is easy to achieve. Just keep the following design elements in mind.  Use Fabulous Foliage. Incorporate plants with large leaves like Bananas, Bird of Paradise, Elephant ears, Palms, Canna lilies, Hostas, Caladium and Coleus. Go Bold with Big Blooms. Plants with large, showy flowers in bright colors also have a tropical feel. Use Bougainvillea, Hibiscus, Plumeria, Bromeliads, Mandevilla, and Ginger. Go Inside Out. Take your houseplants outside. They enjoy the fresh air and add tropical flair. Anthurium, Schefflera, Peace lilies, and Orchids are great choices. Make it Fun and Functional. Create spots in your garden where you can relax, entertain and enjoy the beauty that surrounds you. Tuck a bench under lush banana leaves for a spot to read a book. Add a dining table and enjoy dinner outdoors.  Grow Fresh Fruit. Make tropical drinks and dishes with fruit you grow in your own garden. Plant Jujube, Pomegranate, Mango, Papaya, Passion fruit, Dragon fruit, and Golden Berry. Add Accessories and Art. Add a fountain, the sound of running water will enhance your tropical paradise.    Colorful wind chimes will add soothing sounds for relaxing. Gazing globes add color and shimmer. And, lanterns and lights transform the garden at night.   Enjoy your new tropical getaway right at home, no traveling needed.   Get your tropical garden started. View our current ad and Hawaiian Days Specials >