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Variety Fruit Season Tree Size Description
Orange: Valencia March to October 6 - 8 foot shrub The best orange for juice. Thin-skinned, medium-large, sweet fruit has a high juice concentrate. Fruit holds well on tree and tolerates the intense desert heat.
Blood Orange: Moro January to April 6 - 8 foot shrub Thick-skinned, medium-large fruit has juicy, rich-flavored, burgundy-red flesh.
Blood Orange: Sanjuinelli January to May 6 - 8 foot shrub The best-tasting blood orange. Oblong, medium-thick skinned fruit has strawberry red flesh. Highly productive, medium sized plant has few thorns.
Blood Orange: Tarocco January to May 6 - 8 foot shrub The largest blood orange. The rich, reddish-orange flesh has a high juice content with berry overtones and few seeds.
Pummelo: Changler January to May 6 - 8 foot shrub Very sweet flavored, pink-fleshed fruit is larger than a grapefruit, with very thick rind. Vigorous, spreading shrub is highly productive.
Tangelo: Minneola February to May 6 -8 foot shrub A delicious mandarin and grapefruit hybrid. The unique, medium-thick-skinned fruit has rich, aromatic, flavorful and extremely juicy flesh. Very colorful reddish-orange fruit has a distinct neck.
Calamondin December to August 5 - 8 foot shrub A spectacular ornamental, bearing hundreds of small, sour orange-like fruit. Very cold-hardy, nearly thorn less compact plant. Fruit is popular in the Philipines.
Calamondin: Variegated  Everbearing 6 foot shrub A highly ornamental plant, similar to Calamondin, however, both fruit and foliage have yellow variegation.
Citron: Fingered Semi-Everbearing 4 - 6 foot shrub A very aromatic fruit with finger-like sections. The rind can be candied.
Grapefruit: Cocktail Hybrid January to June 6 - 8 foot shrub A grapefruit and sweet orange cross. Pale orange flesh is exceptionally sweet and juicy. Fruit contains many seeds. Spreading shrub.
Grapefruit: Oro Blanco December to May 6 - 8 foot shrub A delicious, sweet, seedless fruit. Excellent for fresh eating or juice. A very vigorous, spreading plant.
Grapefruit: Rio Red March to September 6 - 8 foot shrub A favorite red-fleshed commercial grapefruit. Thick-skinned, seedless fruit with flesh that ripens red in areas with high summer heat. An attractive, vigorous grower.
Grapefruit: Star Ruby February to September 6 - 8 foot shrub An excellent choice for coastal areas. Seedless fruit ripens with red flesh, both along the coast and inland.
Kumquat: Nagami November to March 4 - 6 foot shrub Heavy producer of small, oval, bright orange fruit. Excellent for fresh eating or marmalade. Very compact and ornamental plant.
Lemon: Eureka Everbearing 6 - 8 foot shrub The #1 commercial lemon variety. An excellent true lemon, with medium-thick skin and few to no seeds. Vigorous upright tree is nearly thorn less.
Lemon: MeyerImproved Semi-everbearing 4 - 6 foot shrub High quality, juicy fruit is less acidic and sweeter than Eureka. Highly productive compact growing tree that is cold hardy. Excellent choice for small backyards or containers.
Lemon: Pink Lemonade Semi-everbearing 6 - 8 foot shrub Unique variegated Eureka-type fruit. Flesh is pale pink when fully ripe. Foliage is variegated ivory and green. An attractive, upright growing tree.
Lemon: Pomona Sweet Everbearing 6 - 8 foot shrub A true sweet lemon - excellent for juice and cooking. Vigorous upright tree with few seeds in the fruit. Beautiful flowers are blushed pink.
 Lime: Bearss Everbearing 6 - 8 foot shrub Excellent seedless commercial variety with juicy, acidic flesh. True lime flavor on a hardy, vigorous, upright plant. Also called Tahitian or Persian lime.
 Lime: Mexican Semi-everbearing 5 -  7 foot shrub Yellow-green, thin-skinned fruit is juicy and aromatic with few seeds. Attractive shrubby grower with many small thorns. Also called Key or Bartender's lime.
Lime: Thornless Mexican Semi-everbearing 5 - 7 foot shrub A thorn less version of the Mexican lime. Tree has a more upright growing habit, and has larger leaves than the Mexican lime.
Lime: Kaffir October - March 5 - 7 foot shrub Small, orange, bumpy, seedy, thick-skinned, very acidic fruit. Unique double-lobed leaf is used in Middle-Eastern and Asian cooking. Flowers can be used in tea. Compact globe shrub.
Lime: Sweet Everbearing 5 - 7 foot shrub Medium sized round fruit often with a nipple on the blossom end. Fruit is orange-yellow when fully mature. Also called Palestine or Indian Sweet lime.
Mandarin/Tangerine: Algerian December to April 6 -8 foot shrub An excellent early tangerine. Attractive, reddish-orange, thin-skinned fruit is sweet, juicy and aromatic. Fruit holds well on the plant. Compact globe plant.
Mandarin/Tangerine: Dancy December to April 6 - 8 foot shrub A leading commercial tangerine variety. Reddish-orange, thin-skinned, flavorful fruit is easy to peel. Attractive, upright plant.
Mandarin/Tangerine: Honey January to April 6 - 8 foot shrub An excellent mandarin. Extremely sweet, flavorful, thin-skinned fruit is easy to peel. Productive, attractive, upright shrub.
Mandarin/Tangerine: Pixie March to July 6 - 8 foot shrub A great choice for a late-season tangerine. Seedless, thin-skinned, mild, sweet fruit is easy to peel. Excellent vigorously upright growing variety.
Mandarin/Tangerine: Satsuma December to April 4 - 6 foot shrub A favorite mandarin for home gardens. Sweet, juicy, medium-sized, seedless fruit is very easy to peel. Very cold-hardy plant has a naturally dwarfed growth habit.
Navel Orange: Cara Cara January to March 6 -8 foot shrub A unique thick skinned navel orange with seedless fruit. It has deep pink, extremely flavorful, sweet and juicy flesh. A great addition to any backyard.
Navel Orange: Fukumoto December to March 6 - 8 foot shrub An early navel variety with deep red-orange thick skin. The seedless fruit has sweet, juicy flesh. Tree has an attractive dense canopy.
Navel Orange: Lane Late March to June 6 - 8 foot shrub An excellent late-ripening navel orange variety. Thick-skinned, seedless fruit is similar in all characteristics to Washington Navel.
Navel Orange: Washington December to May 6 - 8 foot shrub The #1 commercial navel orange variety. Thick-skinned, large, seedless fruit has sweet and juicy flesh. Excellent for fresh eating.
Orange: Midknight Valencia March to October 6 - 8 foot shrub A vigorous, highly productive, seedless cultivar of Valencia Orange. Large, thin-skinned fruit has a high juice content. Excellent for juicing or eating.
Selection varies by store and season. View our Citrus Garden Guide for care tips > View our Citrus Basic How To Video for planting tips >