Our Visual Merchandising Manager, Chris Morfis, has some great tips for decorating your tree. 1. Add lights. Plan to use 100 lights for every foot of tree height. String the lights in and out of each limb of the tree rather than wrapping it around the tree. The tree will be more full of lights and less green wire will show. 2. Next add garland. Garland can be used as one long strand or several shorter ones. It can be a natural element like twigs or grape vine, ribbon or other strung decor.       3. Add your focal decor. This is your theme ornaments, bows, or pieces that are special to your family. These should be set with the best visibility out on the ends of the tree branches.   4. Finally, add filler ornaments. Use ornaments in 2-3 colors that support your trees theme. Choose simple, round solid color ornaments and set them inside the tree to reflect the lights and also to fill in gaps in between the branches.