Just imagine walking outside and picking fruit from your garden to enjoy with your cereal in the morning. You can do it and it's fun and easy. Blackberries, Strawberries, Blueberries, and Boysenberries can all be grown in California gardens.

Blackberries - are the most heat-tolerant of these berries and they grow well in most types of soils. Keep the soil evenly moist with regular waterings. The best time to plant these in when they are dormant in winter or early spring. You will need to provide support for the plants to grow on to keep them neat and in place. Blackberries put out new growth each year, that fruit will grow on the following year.  Strawberries - Grow strawberries in the ground, in a container or a hanging basket. Make sure that when planting in the ground you plant strawberries in an area that drains well. They also prefer acidic soil.  When planting in a container garden choose a well-draining potting soil like Edna's Best. Plant them in full sun with regular watering, never allow them to dry out. They will grow 6 - 8 inches tall and spread out by runners. Plant the crowns slightly above the level of your soil, they can rot easily if planted too deep. Strawberries that are known as June-bearing types of strawberries should be planted out in late-summer of fall in areas with a mild winter. And they will produce fruit the following spring. They will only produce fruit this one time of the year - but they are generally thought of as the best quality strawberries that you can grow. Other types include everbearing and day-neutral varieties. Everbearing strawberries produce a crop in early spring and another in fall. Day-neutral strawberries fruit in summer through fall.   Blueberries - can also be grown in containers or in the garden. The new growth foliage will have beautiful a rosy, bronze color that turns to a bluish-green and then turning to shades of reds and yellows in the fall. Its a beautiful ornamental shrub as well as a fruiting edible plant. Plant them in full sun to part sun in moist but well-draining soil. They too prefer an acidic soil. Plant at least two varieties for better pollination, although many varieties available today will self-pollinate - read the label carefully and let one of our Armstrong plant professional assist you when choosing the best variety for your garden. Blueberries will fruit in the summertime, but be careful birds love them as much as we do - so you might want to cover them with netting to ensure you get to harvest your berries.   Boysenberry - Boysenberries were developed in Southern California. It is a cross between a loganberry, blackberry and raspberry vines. Plant them in full sun with rich soil. Water regularly but they can dry somewhat between waterings. In warmer climates its best to plant boysenberries in fall. For cooler areas plant the canes in the spring. They will fruit in late spring to early summer. They can send up canes that are 6 - 8 feet tall and benefit from support.    Get tips on planting with How to Plant Blueberries video > Learn more about Berries in our Plant Guide >