How-To Video: Tips for Spring Gardening

Here in California, we’re very lucky. California has a very long spring—the longest in the United States. It begins late February and can stretch into June, with our typical, cool, “June-gloom” days.

Our long Spring gives us plenty of time to get the garden ready for our extra-long summers of outdoor living.


The primary spring garden activities are:

  • Plant warm-season edibles
  • Plant trees, shrubs, and lawns
  • Plant spring and summer flowers
  • Plan and purchase items for summer outdoor living


Warm-season edibles are some of America’s favorites: tomatoes, peppers, squash, corn, cucumbers, and much more. Get them planted early and start harvesting early

Trees, shrubs and lawns can be planted almost year-round in California, but are easier to get established during cooler months. Plant during spring, and they’ll weather our hot summer weather better.

Plant flowers that will take our summer heat—petunia, vinca, lantana, verbena, calibrachoa—there are lots of choices. Remember, we have strong, Mediterranean sun, so plant strong vibrant colors that won’t wash out in our bright summer light.

Get ready for living outdoors all summer long. Extend the patio. Add an arbor or pergola. Install an outdoor kitchen or barbeque. There’s nothing better during our hot summer months than the cooling sounds of a water feature.

Remember, in California, the garden improvements you make will be enjoyed all summer and all the way into November and December!