How-To Video: Fuchsia Basics

Fuchsias are unlike any other plant because most their beauty comes from underneath with their ornament like blossoms which makes them great for pots or hanging baskets. They are also great in the shade and provide tons of color.

There’s nothing quite like fuchsias, and it’s always exciting when they first arrive at the garden center. Each plant has large, intricate blossoms that hang like ornaments from arching stems. Fuchsias really don’t look like any other flower and are a terrific choice for a hanging basket in partial shade.


    • Buy already planted in a hanging basket—the work’s done!
    • Buy as a gallon-size plant and plant your own basket
    • Or, just plant in the ground
    • Make your selection when plants are in bloom to pick your favorite color and flower size (show flower varieties)
    • Choose plants that have dark green foliage and are nice and bushy 

How to plant

    • Recommend using Danish Potting Soil
    • Use a basket that’s solid (plastic helps hold moisture) or that’s lined with moss
    • Place fuchsia in, fill around with potting soil, firm soil
    • Important: fill soil only within an inch of container top, so it holds water
    • Same rules for in the ground, only make a soil “well” around plant to hold water
    • Use a much around plant to hold moisture in (show best one)

Caring for fuchsias

    • Place in a wind-protected and sun-protected spot
    • Direct morning sun is OK, but protect from hot afternoon sun with dappled shade
    • Need rich, well-amended soil
    • Need water retentive soil (but must drain!) Make sure water runs out bottom
    • Watch out for mites (you’ll know if leaves curl)
    • Remember, water regularly (more often if in basket)
    • To keep blooms coming, feed regularly (with?)
    • If plant becomes lanky or spindly, pinch off the stems (about 1/3) to get new, bushy growth

Enjoy this elegant, unique plant!