How-To Video: Choosing Spring Flowers for Your Garden

Spring flowers can enhance the color of your garden with minimal effort.

Spring is all about bright, happy colors. What’s a spring garden without yellow, pink, and purple? I’ll show you some of the most popular, easy-to-grow spring flowers.

  1. Impatiens

    – The most popular flower in America. They are great for shade or partial shade (full sun near the coast!) And will flower from the minute you plant and all year long. There’s almost no care required.
  2. Geraniums

    – This classic garden plant is a great choice for hot areas—especially ivy geraniums. (You see these in parking lot plantings for a reason!) They take full sun, and will bloom spring through fall. 
  3. Pansies

    – What’s spring without pansies? Cheerful, colorful and easy. Pansies bloom until our heat moves in, usually in June. Pansies take full sun or partial shade.
  4. Snapdragons

    – Spikes of colorful flowers for full sun. Kids love them.  Snapdragons will bloom until it gets hot, like pansies.
  5. Petunias

    – Mounds of color for sunny areas. Virtually care-free, too! If you want to fill a large area, petunias are a great choice as the mound and spread.



  • Remember to follow light requirements
    - Shade: impatiens
    - Sun: geraniums, pansies, snapdragons, petunias
  • Amend the soil with EBS Planting Compost
  • Mix in EB Stone Sure Start at same time to give them a good start
  • Water regularly while establishing
  • Water once a week later



Easy! Just feed every 2-3 weeks to keep plants in bloom