How-To Video: Planting and Growing Paperwhites

Paperwhites are a form of narcissus, related to daffodils. They are highly fragrant and very easy to grow! Be sure to choose large, firm bulbs.


Three ways to grow

      • Water Only: use a special forcing vase that holds bulb just at top of water 
      • Water in Gravel: (planter with NO drainage hole) fill so that ½ of bulb is above gravel. Keep water touching bottom of bulb 
      • In Soil: Use Edna’s best potting soil in a pot with drainage hole. Leave ¼ of bulb showing.


When to plant

      • Anytime from fall through winter
      • Bloom surprisingly quickly—allow about 6 weeks to bloom from planting time



      • Always give strong light—sun through window is best (if you don’t, they will stretch for light and  bloom stems will tip over )
      • No need to feed—bulb has stored food
      • Keep water level touching bulb bottom if in water or gravel
      • Keep soil moist (but NOT soggy) if in soil—allow to water to drain from pot
      • If flowers tip, put in a small bamboo stake and tie leaves and stems in a bunch with raffia or twine
      • Plant in the garden after blooming for winter blooms next year (don’t try to re-force, however)



Makes a great holiday gift and cheers up any room with flowers and fragrance.