How-To Video: Planting a Hanging Basket

Learn how to make the most out of your hanging baskets by learning about soil prep to adding a wide variety of different plants so you can make your garden look beautiful.

Planting a hanging basket is very easy and very rewarding. It’s fun to experiment and be creative with different plant combinations.

 Choosing the Basket

    • Lots of types, plastic, mossed, pulp, even ceramic (show)
    • Be sure the hanger will support weight of container, plants and wet soil (usually heavy wire or chain)
    • Remember, in warm climates, keeping baskets watered can be challenging—plastic will retain water best 

Choosing the Soil

    • Danish Potting Soil retains moisture best—you’ll need to water less
    • For cactus/succulents, use a Cactus/Succulent Mix 

Choosing your plants

    • Can be all one kind or mixed plants
    • If mixed, make sure that the plants have similar needs—light requirements, water requirements
    • Also, if mixed, make sure plants are compatible size-wise. You don’t want a monster plant to cover all the rest
    • Choose some “spiller” plants to hang down sides
    • Be creative—it’s always best to have some contrast. Plants with striking foliage set off flowers nicely. (show some ideas of “spillers”, “thrillers” (upright plants) 


    • Place some soil in the bottom of the basket (make sure it has drainage holes, first!)
    • Arrange the plants in the basket so the top of root balls are same
    • Fill in (and gently firm) with potting soil around all the plants
    • Remember to leave soil an inch below basket rim to hold water
    • Water once well, then water with a liquid fertilizer 


    • Remember to place where there’s proper sun exposure for the plants
    • Water regularly, more often if windy or very hot
    • Feed regularly (not much soil to hold nutrients!) (use?)
    • But don’t feed if soil is dry; water first, then feed
    • Pinch or cut back wayward plants to shape

Enjoy your masterpiece!