How-To Video: Determine Sunlight

Sunlight is one of the most important things to consider when choosing a plant.

Every plant has its own unique needs. The amount of sun a plant requires to thrive is one of the most important factors.
Before you choose your plants you should know how much sun the planting area receives.
There are many gradations of sunlight, and most plants will be fine within a certain range.
On a sunny day, check to see when the sun hits the area and when it leaves. The time of day the spot receives the sun is as important as the length of time

Determine Basic Sun Levels

Measure on a Sunny Day

    • Full Sun: At least 6 hours of direct sun, even all day.
    • Part Sun:
      • At least 4 hours of direct sun
      • Usually, a tree or a building gives shade in morning and late afternoon
    • Partial Shade:
      • 3 hours of sun
      • The rest of day can be filtered or dappled sun from a tree
      • If the 3 hours of sun is the hottest part of the afternoon, should be considered part sun
    • Shade:
      • No sunshine hits the ground.
      • Or filtered sun all day (like under a dense tree)
Remember: many plants are adaptable and somewhat tolerant of subtle differences within their basic needs.
Not sure? Experiment! That’s the fun of gardening!  You can always move a plant that’s not happy.
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