How-To Video: Choosing a Plant

At Armstrong Garden Centers you will find a wide variety of plants to fill your garden. Learn how to choose the right type of plants to flourish in your area.

Independent, neighborhood garden centers always offer:

  • The widest selection
  • Best cared-for plants (we are trained nurserymen and women)
  • Larger, more mature plants (less likely to struggle when transplanting)
  • Most appropriate plants for your neighborhood (box stores sometimes offer plants that won’t grow in your area!)


Things to Know Before You Go:

  • Sun exposure of planting area
  • Soil type
  • Desired plant size
  • Preferred leaf and flower color


Choosing Your Plant:

  • Read the tag information
  • Ask for advice and suggestion from store Associates
  • Once you’ve found the plant type that meets your sun exposure, soil type, size and color:
    • Inspect the pot
      • Not broken or bulging (plant may be old and overgrown
      • Should be full of soil (no exposed roots where soil has been washed out)
    • Inspect the plant
      • Well-balanced structure
      • No broken branches
      • No physical damage, insects or disease
      • Mature, full, well established (plant should not wiggle or tip from the base)
    • Inspect the roots
      • Shouldn’t see roots at the top of the soil
      • Few roots coming out of bottom of pot
      • Slip plant out of its pot if you can—should not be a mass of roots circling on sides and bottom