How-To Video: Planting Mums

Chrysanthemums, or mums, are great for adding quick color to fall gardens. Add them to beds, windowboxes and pots. No need to completely replant pots or flowerbeds. Just tuck mums in around existing plants. They can be left in the ground after blooming, but most people just pull them out after blooms fade.

Soil Preparation

  • Amend with planting compost.
  • Add EB Stone Sure Starter Fertilizer in each hole.


  • After planting, water plants thoroughly.
  • Water only when the soil surface becomes dry.

Water Conserving Techniques

  • Water thoroughly to penetrate roots.
  • If watering with a hose, use the trigger function so you’re only watering the plant.
  • Water between 4am – 8am to reduce water evaporation.


If you’re just using mums for temporary fall color, no need for additional feeding. If you’re leaving them in the garden to bloom for next year, feed in spring, early summer and early fall with EB Stone Rose and