Rose Garden

Project: Full Sun

Roses thrive in our California climate. Many California homes have beautiful rose gardens. Whether you enjoy the fragrance wafting through your garden, or cutting roses and bringing them indoors, having roses in your garden is a real treat. So often we see those gardens designed with roses as the only plants in the bed which can be stunningly beautiful. However, rose beds are even prettier with companion plants beside them. And, roses are actually happier and healthier when we plant them with other plants. These companion plants can encourage beneficial insects, and reduce pests and diseases. They add to the beauty of the rose garden and give you a larger variety of flowers to cut and bring into your home.

This rose garden design combines beautiful blooming plants that share the same light and water requirements as the roses which makes maintaining the bed easy. 

This garden is approximately 15 feet long by 10 feet deep.



  1. Dig a hole twice the width of the container
  2. Using E.B. Stone Planting Mix combine one part soil and one part planting compost.
  3. Add one cup of E.B. Stone Sure Start.
  4. Place the rose in the hole making sure the bud union is 1 to 2 inches above surrounding soil.
  5. Firmly tap soil to remove any air pockets.
  6. Water in with Liquinox B1. This prevents transplant shock and promotes healthy growth.

Garden Recipe

Shopping List

3 – bags of E.B. Stone Rose Grow Planting Mix

3 – bags of Mulch

1 – bag of E.B. Stone Sure Start

1 – bottle of Liquinox B1

4 – 1 gal. Gypsophila paniculata

2 – 1 gal. Bearded Iris

2 – 1 gal. Delphinium

2 – 5 gal. ‘Double Delight’ Rose

1 – 5 gal. ‘Miranda Lambert’ Rose

2 – 1 gal. Sea Lavender, Statice

8 – 1 gal. Sedum