Fabulous Foliage Shade Container Garden

Fabulous Foliage Shade Container Garden

Shade Project

Project time:

45 minutes

Add drama and color to your shady garden, porch or patio with this container garden filled with fabulous foliage textures. Fatsia is the evergreen star of the show rising above low-growing favorites that provide and interesting mix of foliage shapes, textures, and colors.  Choose a 32inch or larger container. Fill the container half full of Potting Soil. Begin planting with your Thriller and largest plant, the Fatsia. Tuck the filler plants in around it. These will be the Coleus, Caladium, New Guinea Impatiens and Coral Bells. Complete the look by tucking in your spiller plants – the Algerian Ivy. Fill in around all the plants with potting soil and then water in your new container garden completely.

Shopping List:

1 – 1 gal. Fatsia
1 – 1 gal. New Guinea Impatiens
1 – 1 gal. Coleus
1 – 6 inch Caladium
1 – 1 gal. Coral Bells (Heuchera)
2 – 4 Inch Algerian Ivy
1 – bag Potting Mix
1 – Container 32 inches wide or larger
1 – box Dr. Earth Root Zone

Fabulous Foliage Shade Container Garden Recipe


A – Fatsia
B – New Guinea Impatiens
C – Coleus
D – Caladium
E – Coral Bells (Heuchera)
F – Algerian Ivy