Ladybug Container Garden

Ladybug Container DIY ideaFull Sun Project

Project time: 45 minutes

Create this container garden decoration for a ladybug themed party. The rich reds and purples of the Geranium, Pentas, Coleus, and Potato vine will compliment the colors of the ladybug theme. And, the Cosmos and Lobelia are favorite plants of ladybugs. They will attract and help keep ladybugs in your garden.





A – Red Geranium
B – Purple potato vine
C - Coleus
D – Red Pentas
E – White Cosmos
F – Purple fountain grass
G – White Lobelia

Ladybug Container Garden Recipe


Shopping List

1 – Red or Black glazed container garden 26 inches wide or bigger
1 – 6 inch Red Geranium
2 – 4 inch Purple Potato Vine
1 – 4 inch Coleus
1 – 4 inch Red Pentas
1 – 4 inch White Cosmos
2 – 4 inch White Lobelia
1 - Bag of Potting Soil
1 - 4lb bag of Dr. Earth's Root Zone Fertilizer