DIY - Houseplant Kokedama

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Houseplant Kokedama

Kokedama is the Japanese art of growing plants in a ball of soil, covered in moss. Great for all kinds of indoor or shade-loving plants from ferns to succulents and more. Beautiful when grouped and displayed hanging in a window, or as an accent on a table.

Water by soaking the ball in water for an hour or two, then let drip dry in a sink or other durable worksurface. Take note of the weight of the ball after you water; when it begins to feel "light" again, it's time to water.

Supplies List

1 - 4-in houseplant

1 - Kokedama moss ball kit

1 - Bag of SuperMoss preserved moss

1 - Bag of Dr.Earth "Pot of Gold" Potting Soil

stamp 1

1 - Set the Kokedama into a pot to keep it upright and stable while you work.

bag step 2

2 - Fill 2/3 of a Kokedama ball with Dr.Earth "Pot of Gold" Potting Soil.

bag step 3

3 - Gently arrange your houseplants inside the Kokedama, moving around the soil to cover each root ball.

bag step 4

4 - Be sure to fill with soil, little by little to fill any pockets. Dress with preserved moss for a finished look.

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