DIY - Houseplant Fairy Garden

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Houseplant Fairy Garden

Fairy gardens are a charming plant project, perfect for kids and kids-at-heart. Use your imagination & creativity to showcase plants in a miniature scene, choose from houseplants or succulents in 2-in. or 4-in. pots. This project is all in the details, so its a perfect opportunity to use interesting rocks from the garden, sea shells, and so much more.

Supplies List

- a decorative container

1 - Bag of SuperMoss preserved moss

1 - Bag of Dr.Earth "Pot of Gold" Potting Soil

- 5+ houseplants OR succulents in 2-in. & 4-in. pots

- shells, stones, glass, etc.

- fairies and fairy-garden accents.



stamp 1

Choose a pot, we like low-profile containers to give the illusion of a landscape

bag step 2

Collect shells, stones, glass, and other interesting items to add details to your garden.

bag step 4

Shop our array of Fairies and mini-garden accents, like furniture, flower picks, and mini garden friends.

bag step 3

Use an assortment of mosses or bark let your plants and garden accents shine.

Pick Your Plants

When choosing your plants, select varieties with similar light and water needs. Choose your favorite colors, and plants with varying textures and heights to create contrast and interest. Shop our selection of 2-in. and 4-in. pots, perfect for miniature gardens. Remember, these plants will grow in time and this garden is only a temporary home, so dont be afraid to pack them in.


For this project we used 1 4-in. Fern, and 5 2-in. assorted plants including "club moss" & draecena. Selection willl vary by season and store.



wreath step 1

1 - Fill your container 2/3 full of Dr.Earth "Pot of Gold" Potting Soil.

wreath step 1

2 - Place the largest plants first, moving soil to keep the root ball lower than the edge of the pot.

wreath step 3

3 - Continue arranging plants, using contrasting colors and textures. Angle plants with their "chins" resting on the side of the pot, to give the container a fuller look.

wreath step 4

4 - Begin to add in accents, and plan a space for your fairy. Rearrange plants if necessary until you're happy with the look.

wreath step 4

5 - Add in moss, we used several colors, and fairy garden picks between plants.

wreath step 4

6 - Mini-coral, stones and glass create a home for this snail on the other side of the pot, to add interest at all angles.

wreath step 4

7 - Glass pebbles make magical step-stones leading up to our mini-tire swing.

wreath step 4

8 - Your Fairy is the finishing touch, and gives your mini-garden a story.

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