DIY- Thanksgiving Houseplant Container

DIY- Thanksgiving Houseplant Container

Lavender Lemonade

Thanksgiving Houseplant Container

Impress your guests over the holidays when you display this beautiful, festive houseplant container. Add a personal touch by selecting Kalanchoe that bloom in your favorite colors. For this project we used Croton 'Petra' but there are many varieites, pick your favorite. Depending on your living-space, scale this project up with larger specimen plants for a dramatic feature or scale down for a sweet festive touch.

Step 1: Choose a low and wide indoor pot; glazed ceramic with an attached saucer will keep plants happy & protect your indoor surfaces. 

Step 2:  Arrange Crotons, Kalanchoe, and assorted ferns with the tallest plants in the center of your pot.

Step 3: Dress the soil with SuperMoss or Exotic Pebbles, and a seasonal decor accent of your choice.  

Step 4: Water thoroughly and proudly display in bright light.

Lavender Lemonade

Shopping List

1 bag of Dr.Earth "Pot of Gold" Potting Soil 8-qt. 

1 bag of Dr.Earth "Premium Gold" All Purpose fertilizer 4-lbs.

1 bag of Preserved SuperMoss / 1 jar of Exotic Pebbles

1 small to medium pot (we used a 10" pot & 5 plants)

4-7 plants (depending on the size of pot) choose from:

  • (A) Kalanchoe Blossfeldiana
  • (B) Assorted Ferns
  • (C) Assorted Crotons
thanksgiving houseplant container
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