Early Fall Container Garden

DIY - Early Fall Container

Early Fall Container Garden

Full Sun Project

Project Time:  30 Minutes

An early fall container garden that's quick and easy to plant together - gives an entryway or patio an instant fall look. A Croton is used here as the thriller plant in the container providing both height and dramatic color. The foliage has wonderful red, bronze, yellow and green tones that are perfect to mix in fall containers. Mums and ornamental peppers are used as filler plants - rounding out the container nicely while providing additional colors. Then a green and gold variegated ivy spills over the edge of the container. The radiant mum blooms and colorful peppers make perfect harmony in this autumn container.


A. Chrysanthemum (Mum)

B. Croton 'Mammey'

C. Ornamental Pepper

D. Variegated English Ivy



Shopping List

1– Glazed Pot 20 Inches

1 – Mum 1 – Croton

1 – Ornamental Peppers

1 – Ivy

1 – Edna's Best Potting Soil

1 – E.B. Sure Start Fertilizer