DIY – Early Fall Container Garden

DIY - Early Fall Container

Part Sun Project

Early Fall Container Garden

Get that instant autumn look with this early fall container garden. 

Step 1: Choose a large pot that is 17 inches in diameter with drainage holes.

Step 2: Fill the container about 2/3 full with Dr. Earth Potting Soil.

Step 3: Mix in a handful of Dr. Earth's Root Zone fertilizer. 

Step 4: Remove plants from their container & arrange according to diagram.

Step 5: Add more soil making sure to fill in the gaps & water well.

Care Instructions:
 Place in an area that gets several hours of bright indirect sunlight. Feel the soil to determine moisture & water when the soil feels dry several inches down. 

Shopping List

1– Glazed Pot 17 Inches

1 – 6" Mum - Plant (A)

1 – 6" Croton - Plant (B)

1 – 4" Ornamental Peppers - Plant (C)

1 – 4" Variegated Ivy - Plant (D) 

1 - Dr. Earth Root Zone fertilizer

1 – Dr. Earth Potting Soil

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