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Cinnamon Star

Typically Available in Store late Fall

Contact your local store to check availability

A unique, novelty poinsettia. It has an attractive cinnamon color that blends well with Thanksgiving or Christmas decor.

  • High Light Indoors

  • Moderate

Availability: Out of stock

Keep in bright, indirect light. If direct sun hits the poinsettias though a window, diffuse with a shade or sheer curtain.

Mimic greenhouse temperatures of 60 - 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Don't place them near heat vents or an outside door.

Water when soil feels dry to the touch. Avoid overwatering and do not let container sit in water.

No need to fertilize our poinsettias while in bloom.

Plant Type Houseplants
Foliage Color Peach, Pink
Light Needs High Light Indoors
Water Needs Moderate
Bloom Time Winter

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