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  • How-To Video: Winter Planting for Beginners

    Winter is the “Second Season” of gardening in California.  After all, our gorgeous, mild-winter weather is why we live here, right? It’s a wonderful, relaxing time to garden.

    There are three primary winter gardening activities:

        • Planting and harvesting “cool-season” edibles
        • Planting colorful, cool-season flowers
        • Planting dormant fruit tree, berries and roses
    • Top choices for winter and early spring vegetables are all types of leaf crops, peas, root vegetables, broccoli and cauliflower. Starting in November, though February, crops can be planted every 30 days for continuous harvests.
    • Cool-season flowers will bloom November through May. Popular choices are cyclamen, Iceland poppy, primrose, pansy and snapdragon. There are many more choices.
    • During January and February, nurseries have the best selection of the year of fruit trees and berries. Armstrong hand-selects the best-producing varieties for your neighborhood.
    • You’ll also find the widest selection of roses during January and February. They’re less expensive while dormant.

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