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Winter Ideas

  • Winter color to welcome guests

    Sometimes more is more! Choose a flower and go hog wild with it! Cyclamens are great in pots of all types, baskets and even as the centerpiece of a wreath. Note how the twigs stuck into the planter on the left create some nice height to the planter.

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  • Cool Season Edibles Container

    Edibles don’t need to be confined to the veggie garden—feature them in a pot! Rosemary, thyme, tricolor sage, purple cabbage and (edible) lavender pansies complete the edible but beautiful theme.

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  • Imagination in a container

    Some imagination can lead to unexpected combinations. Here we have foliage stars like Japanese painted fern, Carex ‘Ice Dance’, ‘Tasmanian Tiger’ Euphorbia and red mustard combined with pink snapdragons and white violas for maximum contrast.

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  • Add a bit of color

    Make a simple container much more dramatic by encircling it with a low bed of colorful flowers. Little boxwood balls make the planting more interesting by adding textural interest.

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  • Red & White Beauty

    Make a statement of red and white cyclamen! Both colors are heightened by the silver-leaved foliage of the new ‘Sterling’ cyclamen.

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  • Add a Southwestern touch with this succulent container

    This pot transports you to another place—the Southwest. Brightly painted, glazed pots are the perfect choice to hold architectural sedums, hens n’ chicks, and Euphorbia. Use it as a focal point or in a dry corner of the garden.

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  • Matching Plants to Container

    Often, the container itself can help determine your planting scheme. Black mondo grass echoes the dark tones of the pot, the red glaze is duplicated by the red pansy and bronze winter tones of the ajuga. A gaultheria shrub is an unusual addition that helps perk things up.

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  • A little bit of Heaven(ly bamboo)

    Heavenly bamboo (Nandina) makes an unusual centerpiece encircled by pansies interspersed with lettuces in various colors and leaf shapes.

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  • Festive and fun cyclamen bowl

    Here’s a novel idea! Plant a bird bath or low bowl with colorful, low-growing flowers. (Cyclamens here, but pansies would work just as well.) Then add some driftwood and glass balls (or ornaments). Clip some stems of your favorite berried shrub, like beautyberry (Callicarpa) and stand them straight up in [...]

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