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Trees & Shrubs

Learn more about the best trees and shrubs for your yard and the best practices for caring for specific trees and shrubs.
  • 7 Ways to Help Trees and Shrubs Survive Heat and Drought

    It’s one thing to let our lawns go brown when water’s tight. Lawns can be replanted or reseeded fairly easily. Better yet: a thoughtful reimagining that results in a reasonably easy to achieve, and beautiful substitution.  Protect Trees and Shrubs Trees and shrubs are another matter, however. They are not easily replaced [...] Read Full Article
  • Best Selling Trees and Shrubs

    You've spoken, and these are your favorite trees and shrubs at Armstrong. They are workhorses in the garden. They provide structure, form, and interest in the landscape. They also provide a backdrop for other shrubs, perennials, and flowering annuals.    Japanese Maple -  Choose an upright or weeping variety of Japanese Maple. You [...] Read Full Article
  • Green Madness

    Green - grassy, leafy, mossy, lush, verdant, and fresh are all synonyms of green. For as many different words as there are for green there are different shades of green: Apple green, spring green, lime green, emerald, hunter green, blue-green, teal, sea green, pine green, Christmas green, yellow-green, pistachio, olive, and [...] Read Full Article
  • Shrubs with Purpose

    "First you must bring us a shrubbery"....Do you remember that quote from Monty Python and the Holy Grail? Well, there's truth in that statement.. When planning your landscapes, shrubs are a very good place to start... Shrubs are the backbone of your garden. They set the tone, the backdrop, and [...] Read Full Article