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  • Top 5 Fall Veggies to Plant Now

    Fall is the “second season” of vegetable planting in California, and there’s a whole new group of favorites to plant. Each is easy to grow and quick to harvest. Here are Armstrong Garden Centers’ top five fall veggies.


    Kale – Kale is having a moment at all the top restaurants. Perhaps it’s because it’s a new flavor and texture, perhaps it’s because it’s loaded with nutrients. Why not grow your own? Kale must be backyard fresh to taste its best.

    Lettuce – So many flavors, so many colors, so many choices. Leaf lettuces can be harvested within weeks of planting. Nothing’s easier to grow.

    Cauliflower – Guess how many dishes can be made from one simple vegetable? Add it to mac n’ cheese, on pizza, in salads, as a rice substitute, or mash it like potatoes. Add it to breads, burgers and soups. It’s the #1 mutable veg and tops for your garden.

    Broccoli – Cauliflower’s cousin, this healthy veg is terrific roasted. It’s easy to grow and you can plant successive crops to harvest all season long.

    Cabbage – You got a surprising number of choices here: traditional green, gorgeous red and curly-leaved Savoys, and the Asian and Chinese types. Experiment with several, and stagger your plantings for fresh crops every few weeks.

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