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  • Tips for Selecting the Right Fruit Tree for Your Garden

    Mid January is a great time to select and order deciduous (fruit-bearing) fruit trees. 


    Benefits of Deciduous Fruit Trees

    • Fresh fruit, of course
    • Attractive, relatively small, shade trees
    • Beautiful flowering trees in spring
    • Provides pollen and nectar for bees and other beneficial insects
    • Attracts bees to pollinate other edible plants you may have


    Fruit Tree Requirements

    • Need at least 8 hours of direct sun daily, preferably full sun
    • All fruit trees prefer well-drained soil. Amend if necessary but do not overwater
    • Chilling hours
      • Important: Each type and variety of fruit needs specific chilling hours to produce fruit
      • If fruit trees (not including citrus and tropical fruit trees) don’t get adequate chilling hours, you’ll have healthy trees, but little or no fruit

    Chilling Hours Guide HERE



    The Selection Process

    • Choose the kind of tree you like and will eat
      • Apricot
      • Peach/Nectarine
      • Apple
      • Cherry
      • Plum
      • Fig
      • Pear and Asian Pears
      • Persimmons

    • Narrow your choice by chilling hours based on where you live. (You may only be left with a few appropriate varieties)

    • Check pollinating requirements
      • Most are self-fertile (pollinize themselves)
      • Even fruit trees that need a pollinizer are usually OK, because fruit trees within a block radius will pollinate, BUT:
      • You will increase production on those needing a pollinizer with another tree variety

    • Consider ripening time. (You don’t want a tree that ripens while you’re on vacation every year, or too busy to harvest!)
      • “Early” – June into Early July
      • “Midseason” – Mid-July through August
      • “Late” – September through October

    • Choose based on flavor or use 
      • Taste tests
      • Friend recommendations
      • Uses – eating fresh, canning, cooking


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