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  • The Armstrong Grown Difference

    Why Grow Plants Ourselves?
    Many years ago, Armstrong Garden Centers determined that to provide our customers with the very best selection of the highest-quality plants every single day, we would need to grow them ourselves.

    Most garden centers and nurseries sell plants that are grown by a network of growers with varying quality and selection. And there’s no guarantee that certain plants are available when customers want them.

    So, Armstrong Growers, a separate division of Armstrong Garden Centers, was created. We strive to grow a wide selection of plants that are new and different, thoroughly tested, and top-quality.


    Consistently Top-Quality
    All Armstrong Grown plants are monitored throughout the growing process to meet the very highest standards—Grade #1 plants. If plants fail to reach that standard or grow past their prime they are not released.


    Tested for All Climates
    California has many different climates. Armstrong Growers, with three growing facilities in very different climates (coastal, inland, desert) tests all our plants to determine which are worthy of the Armstrong name, and which are best for those climates. Only after succeeding in our test gardens is a plant grown for customers.

    Wide and Varied Selection
    Customers come to Armstrong for a great selection of flowers, vegetables and other plants. They know that they’ll always find what they’re looking for. That’s because Armstrong Growers plans its production from customer purchase data.


    New and Exciting Plants and Flowers
    Armstrong constantly seeks out new and exciting plants from top breeders all over the world. Each spring we visit the trial facilities of plant companies to choose the very best, new and improved plants and flowers to bring to our customers.

    Learn more in the video below about how we choose and test new plants that will thrive for you.


    Sustainably Grown
    Each of Armstrong Growers’ three facilities is designed to be sustainable. We capture all our runoff water, filter it, and reuse it. We work with pot and container manufacturers to recycle old containers. All of our colorpack containers are made of 100% recycled water bottles.

    Learn more about our sustainable practices in the video below.


    Certified Organic
    Armstrong Growers’ Organiks line of vegetables and herbs are 100% Certified Organic, grown at our organic facility in San Juan Capistrano.

    Learn more about our Organic Growing in the video below.


    Hand-Selected for Your Neighborhood
    Each Armstrong Garden Center manager hand-selects from Armstrong Growers’ plant list only those plants that will thrive in her store’s specific neighborhood. That removes the guesswork that can happen when shopping at national box stores.