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  • Rainy Day Inspiration - 7 Fun Things to Do

    Select seeds for early spring planting. Spend some quiet, relaxed (and dry!) time poring over Armstrong’s amazing seed selection of vegetables, herbs, cutting flowers, bedding plants and organic gourmet edibles.



    Repot Houseplants. Just the smell of the fresh potting soil will be rewarding on a rainy day. Choose a new, brightly-glazed pot and your old houseplant will look new and stylish. Revitalize houseplants by trimming brown leaf ends with sharp, clean scissors.



    Clean and sharpen hand tools. Come the sunshine, you’ll be glad you did. Pick up a Corona blade sharpener at your local Armstrong—you’ll be surprised how easy it is to use on all sorts of tools. Once they’re clean (household cleaner 409 works great) and sharp, spray some WD-40 on all moving parts.



    Grab an umbrella and take all the time you need to select a few new roses or a fruit tree. You don’t have to plant immediately. We’ve pre-planted them for you—wait for that sunny day!


    Hang a new birdhouse or feeder under your front porch or patio cover. Your visitors will be appreciative and will brighten dull, winter days.




    Feed all your houseplants. Bet you haven’t done this for a while—life just gets too busy. Well, a lazy, rainy day is the perfect time. Don’t forget to feed with Bonide Liquid Plant Food. Add 7 drops per quart of water each time you water for lush, healthy houseplants!



    Shop for garden attire. Once the rain stops, Sloggers are the perfect garden shoe and the ideal time to shop is before that first “perfect weather” day. Choose a garden hat, too. Armstrong’s got a great selection of top-quality hats in many styles and materials from San Diego Hat Company.



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