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    Plumerias are waterwise in fact they don't tolerate over-watering and are very tolerant of dry conditions once established. Plumerias do best in full sun. During the winter months, protect them from frost. Plumeria in containers can be placed indoors during periods of extreme cold.


    1. Dig a hole twice the size of the root ball.
    2. Using E.B. Stone Cactus Mix combine one part soil and one part planting compost.
    3. Place a small handful of E.B. Stone Blood Meal in the bottom of the hole and
    4. incorporate into the soil.
    5. Make sure the top of the original root ball is one inch above surrounding soil.
    6.  Firmly tap soil to remove any air pockets.
    7. Water in with Bonide Plant Starter.


    For optimum growth and bloom plumeria benefit from feedings every other month during the growing months.

    1. Feed every two weeks during the blooming season from May to September with Grow More Super Bloomer.
    2. One application of E.B. Stone Sul-Po-Mag in late September or October will help build the plant's frost resistance.
    3. Control leaf chlorosis or yellowing by applying Iron Supplement in mid-spring and again in fall.


    Test soil by inch deep touch. If moist, don't water. Once Plumeria is established it requires very little water.


    Plumerias require very little pruning. Pruning is only needed to:

    1. Remove any dead or dying wood.
    2. To shape the plant.

    Control aphids and other insects with Bonide Rose Rx 3 in 1.

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