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  • Waterwise Plants

    Much of California has a “Mediterranean” climate, with minimal winter rains, hot, dry summers and autumns with hot, drying winds. The lack of winter frosts and imported water makes growing an extremely wide range of plants possible in California. However, gardeners wishing to live in a sustainable way will want [...] Read Full Article
  • Lavenders Explained

    There are more than thirteen types of lavenders and many more named lavender varieties which can sometimes be overwhelming. Here, Armstrong Garden Centers simplifies lavenders so that selecting those that are best for you becomes easier with guide to Lavender.   Types of Lavenders Lavenders (Lavandula is their botanical name) commonly sold in [...] Read Full Article
  • Sweet Pea Planting Time

    Planting sweet peas is an annual pleasure, a fall ritual that’s fun and fulfilling.  They’re so easily grown from seed: you get dramatic results from such a simple act.  Because the seeds are rather large and easily handled, growing sweet peas from seed is a terrific way to get young [...] Read Full Article
  • Easter Lily

    The Easter lily is a stately and classic potted plant. Very large, very fragrant trumpets of waxy-white blooms cluster on top of stalks with simple, sword shaped leaves. Easter lilies are the epitome of simple elegance. Choosing your lily Buds open very quickly, so if you’re buying your plant a week or [...] Read Full Article
  • Succulents

    An effortless endeavor Succulents need very little care. Supply them with sun, a little water and voila! You’ve got an interesting and easy-to-maintain display. Succulents store water in their leaves, stems and roots, making them able to survive for long dry periods. Great for those of us who sometimes forget to [...] Read Full Article
  • Grapes

    Cultural Information Grapes are quite tolerant of varying growing conditions. Choose a sunny location with some means of support. Since grapes can become very large plants, growing them on a fence, arbor or other large structure is best. Planting 1. Dig a hole twice the size of the rootball. 2. Using E.B. Stone Planting Compost, mix one [...] Read Full Article
  • Azalea

    Cultural Information Azaleas are one of the most desirable flowering shrubs for Southern California gardens and if given the proper growing conditions, they'll provide years of trouble-free beauty. Azaleas are beautiful in the landscape or a container. Planting Azaleas need rich, moist, well-drained, acidic soil. 1. Dig a hole three times the size of the root ball. 2. Using [...] Read Full Article
  • Citrus Garden Guide

    Cultural Information Good citrus cultural practices require that plants be grown in at least 6 hours of direct sunlight daily. During the winter, cover if there's a chance of frost. A fall application of Sul-Po-Mag will help them withstand colder than normal temps. Planting In Containers Select a container at least twice the size of the existing plant [...] Read Full Article
  • Banana

    Cultural Information Plant bananas in a sunny location that's sheltered from strong winds to help prevent leaf shredding. Keep moist but in a well-drained soil. Since bananas are tropical, they can be subject to frost damage. If your location is particularly cold in winter, consider using the banana as a container plant. While the tops of the [...] Read Full Article
  • Blueberry

    Cultural Information From the hot interior valleys to the cooler coastal environment, this berry is right at home. Plants do well in full sun but tolerate some light shade inland. The blueberry is self-pollenizing, but larger fruit is produced if planted with more than one variety. Planting 1. Dig a hole two times the size of the root [...] Read Full Article
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