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  • Inside Out, Outside In

    Inside Out, Outside In Bring the comfort and design of your indoor spaces outside and the fresh from the garden look indoors.   Inside Out Create outdoor rooms that provide you with additional living spaces. Outdoor living rooms, kitchens and dining rooms allow us to enjoy our everyday activites outside in the fresh air.   Tips [...] Read Full Article
  • 4 Ways to Create a Beautiful Shade Garden

    As our gardens mature, we find ourselves gardening in more shade. This can sometimes be discouraging as sun-loving plants fail to bloom or become leggy and sparse. When this happens our plant palettes must change. There are plenty of colorful plants that thrive in shady spots and appreciate the cooler temperatures a leafy tree canopy provides. A simple way to think of creating a shade garden is in [...] Read Full Article
  • What’s an Annual? What’s a Perennial?

    What’s an annual? The flowers that we plant for seasonal color are primarily annuals. These plants last for one season only. There’s a reason for that. Because they bloom so heavily, and give their all for a glorious, colorful show, they’re done by the end of the season. In California, the [...] Read Full Article
  • Creating Beautiful Gardens for 125 Years

    When John Armstrong stepped off the train in Ontario, California in 1889 it’s doubtful he imagined his name would become synonymous with gardening excellence throughout California. John’s first venture was to purchase a few acres of property where he began growing eucalyptus and olive trees; he soon expanded his operation. Before the turn of the century, he opened his first retail garden center in Ontario [...] Read Full Article
  • March Lawn & Garden Tips

    In the Garden On your mark, get set, grow! All types of summer vegetables can be planted now. Amend and feed the soil with E.B. Stone Flower and Vegetable planting mix and Tomato & Vegetable Food. Start planting. Now’s the right time to plant citrus, avocado and macadamia nut trees with the [...] Read Full Article
  • Avocados B to Z

    Only in California Growing avocados is one of the great joys of temperate-climate California gardening. Nowhere else in the continental U.S. can this be done with such success. With the variously-sized avocado trees, there’s one for every size of garden.  And by planting different varieties, you can harvest avocados almost year-round. Mexican [...] Read Full Article
  • Sweet Pea Planting Time

    Planting sweet peas is an annual pleasure, a fall ritual that’s fun and fulfilling.  They’re so easily grown from seed: you get dramatic results from such a simple act.  Because the seeds are rather large and easily handled, growing sweet peas from seed is a terrific way to get young [...] Read Full Article
  • Growing Cacti and Succulents

    Saturday, July 26th at 9am Add a touch of the south with cacti and succulents. We’ll show you the basic care for these low water plants that are perfect for a low water use garden. Read Full Article
  • Attracting Pollinators

    Saturday, August 9th at 9am For more flowers and better harvests, learn what to plant to create the best habitat for pollinators. They will thrive in your garden and help veggies, shrubs and flowers be at their best. Read Full Article
  • Small Space Gardening

    Saturday, August 23rd at 9am Make the most of any outdoor space with our unique small space ideas. From planters to patios, to entranceway groupings, you'll get great ideas that cover it all. Read Full Article
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