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  • Hummingbird Container Garden

    Full Sun Project Project Time:  30 Minutes Whether your outdoor space is big or small you can attract and enjoy beautiful hummingbirds. This container garden is designed with flowers that hummingbirds love!    Shopping List: 1 Large Glazed Container 38 inches wide or bigger 1 – 1 gallon Purple Fountain grass 1 – 4 inch Coleus 1 – [...] Read Full Article
  • August Lawn & Garden Tips

    In the Garden Water Wisely. Plants like azaleas and camellias will benefit from a little extra water. Most established plants need about one inch of water per week to perform at their best. Water just until you see run off between 6-10am.  Learn more about Waterwise Gardening along with tips and ideas [...] Read Full Article
  • Attracting Hummingbirds

    Gardening for Hummingbirds Hummingbirds have delighted birdwatchers for centuries. Their bright, iridescent colors, rapid flight and the ability to hover are a few of the traits that make hummingbirds unique. Such high-energy movement requires that they feed every ten to fifteen minutes. Natural foods consist of nectar, small insects and spiders [...] Read Full Article
  • Succulent Containers

    Containers filled with succulent plants are fun, easy, and eye catching! Step 1: Choose a container - You can plant succulents in any type of container that has good drainage. Glazed pottery, terra cotta pots, wooden boxes and even wreath forms are great vessels for a succulent garden.  Step 2: E.B. Stone [...] Read Full Article
  • Waterwise Gardening Tips

    As seen on KTLA - July 2014 Armstrong Garden Centers gives tips for having a beautiful, but low water garden in California.   Learn more about waterwise gardening > Learn about our upcoming classes >   Read Full Article
  • Top Ten Important Water Saving Tips

    Water-conscious gardening saves consumers money as mandatory state water restrictions arrive GLENDORA, Calif. – July 21, 2014 – The drought in California is so severe that the state is implementing an emergency water conservation regulation and will fine those who waste it starting on Aug. 1, 2014. Now more than ever [...] Read Full Article
  • Miniature Terrarium

    Indoor Project – Bright indirect light Project time: 30 minutes Miniature terrariums make fun accents for your home. They are super simple to put together and maintain. Start by choosing a glass container. Choose a glass bowl with a wider opening for an easy to plant option. Or, choose a glass container [...] Read Full Article
  • Cool Coneflowers for Hot Gardens

    Coneflowers - Echinacea Coneflowers have long been a summertime favorite of gardeners, birds and butterflies. They are low water plants that are great for waterwise gardening. And, they thrive in the summer heat. Hummingbirds and butterflies enjoy the flower nectar. They make great - long, lasting cut flowers to bring indoors [...] Read Full Article
  • Waterwise Garden Design

    Full Sun Project Project time: 1 day Shopping List: 4 – Glazed pots 36 inch wide or bigger 4 – 3 gallon Phormium 2 – 1 gallon Verbena bonariensis 2 – 1 gallon Euphorbia 4 – 1 gallon Rudbeckia 10 – 4 inch Gazania 10 – 4 inch Armeria 2 – 1 gallon Asclepias 1 – [...] Read Full Article
  • Five Waterwise Flowers

    Your yard doesn't have to look like the desert landscape to have a low-maintenance and waterwise garden. You can have a garden that is full of beautiful summer flowering plants that is waterwise. These 5 plants will bloom year after year requiring little maintenance.   Coneflower - This hearty perennial is a [...] Read Full Article
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