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Now in the Garden

Expert tips and advice from Armstrong Garden Centers to help you succeed throughout the year with your lawn and garden.  

Need a little extra advice?  No problem!  Just contact your local store and they would be glad to answer any of your questions!
  • January Lawn & Garden Tips

    In the Garden Get ready, get set, plant! Dormant plants are ready to set into the ground. Shop early for the best selection of roses, fruit trees and berries. Protect plants from frost. Plants in containers can be grouped close together on a porch or patio, or moved to a protected area [...] Read Full Article
  • February Garden Tips

    In the Garden Be happy, be glad! Plant bulbs of glamorous gladiola now for spectacular summer color. Add color to your yard by planting deciduous magnolias. Stunning flowering trees in full bloom make a beautiful focal point in the garden. Don’t forget your sweetheart. Roses are always a favorite and Armstrong Garden Centers [...] Read Full Article
  • March Lawn & Garden Tips

    In the Garden On your mark, get set, grow! All types of summer vegetables can be planted now. Amend and feed the soil with E.B. Stone Flower and Vegetable planting mix and Tomato & Vegetable Food. Start planting. Now’s the right time to plant citrus, avocado and macadamia nut trees with the [...] Read Full Article
  • April Lawn & Garden Tips

    In the Garden Start Your Veggies. Now is the time to start tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, zucchini, eggplant…all the vegetables you love to harvest come summer. When planting be sure to amend the native soil at a 50/50 ratio with E.B. Stone Flower and Vegetable Planting Mix to break up the soil [...] Read Full Article
  • May Lawn & Garden Tips

    In the Garden Change out tired cool season annual flowers with heat-loving, summer annuals like dianthus, marigolds, portulaca and vinca. Prune and feed azaleas and camellias once blooming has finished. An organic fertilizer like E.B. Stone Camellia and Azalea Food is best. Busting at the seams? It’s time to divide and repot cymbidium [...] Read Full Article
  • June Lawn & Garden Tips

    In the Garden Plant summer annuals. With our typical "June gloom days, it's still a good time to plant colorful summer annuals and perennials. Plant tropical shrubs and vines like Bougainvillea, Hibiscus and Mandevilla. Deadhead roses to ensure repeat bloom. Feed with organic E.B. Stone Rose and Flower Food. Big and Bigger. Feed blooming [...] Read Full Article
  • July Lawn & Garden Tips

    In the Garden Water Wisely. During dry weather, continue to keep the garden adequately watered. Remember, a weekly deep, thorough soaking is more beneficial than a daily light sprinkling. Water between 6-10am to avoid evaporation. Learn more about waterwise gardening in California > Mulch, Mulch, Mulch. Conserve water, relieve plant stress and control weeds by [...] Read Full Article
  • August Lawn & Garden Tips

    In the Garden Water Wisely. Plants like azaleas and camellias will benefit from a little extra water. Most established plants need about one inch of water per week to perform at their best. Water just until you see run off between 6-10am.  Learn more about Waterwise Gardening along with tips and ideas [...] Read Full Article
  • September Lawn & Garden Tips

    In the Garden Fall is for planting. Now’s the very best time to plant just about everything. Warm soil, cooler air and (hopefully) rain make for well-established plants that really burst forth next spring. Refresh your garden. After our hot, hot summers, it’s time to refresh with seasonal color. Cool-season flowers to [...] Read Full Article
  • October Lawn & Garden Tips

    In the Garden Sow cool-season seeds for incredible spring color. Try larkspur, lupine, nigella, pansy, Shirley poppy and sweet pea. Freshen up container gardens. Choose colorful foliage plants, cool-season annuals and late summer bloomers. Ornamental grasses are at their best now. Plant mums, snapdragons pansies, stock and calendula for beautiful fall color. Divide [...] Read Full Article
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