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  • Life-Like Christmas Tree Tips from the Experts

    Life-like Christmas Trees offer the beauty of real trees, but with a care-free convenience and easy assembly that enables them to last season after season. The Christmas tree is the center of the festivities so it should be perfect.

    Here are tips on setting up your artificial Christmas tree.

    1. Life-Like Artificial Tree BranchesStart by setting only one section of the tree in the stand
    2. If possible, place the stand on a table or elevated surface.  This will prevent you from having to bend
    3. Begin by tying up all rows of branches except for the lowest row
    4. Work through the first row of branches making sure to fully separate each tip
    5. It is best to put a slight bend forward on each tip to provide the most natural look
    6. When all the tips on the first row are fully separated “Fluffed”, move on to the second row
    7. Continue with each row until the first section is complete
    8. Take the first section out of the stand and set aside
    9. Insert the second section into the stand and begin the process again
    10. Continue the above steps until all sections are fully fluffed
    11. Now simply assemble the fully fluffed tree and plug in each section to the preceding section



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