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Lawn Care

Care for your lawn like a pro. Armstrong Garden Centers has helpful tips and advice to give your lawn that professional touch.
  • Waterwise Lawn Grasses and Grass Alternatives

    There are wonderful low-water alternatives to thirsty turf lawns. Only one or two of them look like typical lawns, however. But once they are established, you’ll begin to appreciate the seasonal change and interesting textures these “lawns” provide. Not sure you want to go whole hog? Just replace either your [...] Read Full Article
  • Summer Lawn Care

    Two Types of Lawns Don’t forget that there are two types of lawns used in California: warm-season grasses, and cool-season grasses (or grass blends).  The most common warm-season lawns are Bermuda grass and St. Augustine grass. (Buffalo grass is a newer alternative.) Both Bermuda and St. Augustine grow rapidly and are [...] Read Full Article
  • How-To Video: Spring Lawn Care

    A few simple tasks done in early spring will help you have a beautiful green lawn all summer. Clean Up – In early spring, thoroughly rake all leaves, and winter debris from off your lawn Mow – Once your lawn begins to grow, mow and edge it to give it a nice [...] Read Full Article
  • Winter Lawn Care

    Maintaining a rich green, lush lawn during winter is easy if you follow just a few guidelines. Watering, feeding and mowing are the primary activities. Diseases and bugs are rarely problems during cooler weather.   Marathon and other Cool-Season Lawns The cooler seasons of fall, winter and spring are when these lawns [...] Read Full Article
  • Fall Lawn Care

    For a Lush, Green Lawn What to do in fall Lawn grasses in California fall into two distinct types—cool-season and warm-season. Seasonal care varies according to the type of grass you have. Cool-Season Lawns Cool-season lawns are usually perennial rye and/or various fescues. Many lawn grasses sold under brand names such as Marathon or [...] Read Full Article
  • Guide to Laying Sod

    Get the lush, green lawn that will be the envy of the neighborhood. There is some preparation that will need to be done before selecting the right sod for your yard based on sunlight and preference so plan accordingly to get the best results.   1. Clear Area & Treat for Weeds It’s [...] Read Full Article
  • Bermuda Grass Guide

    Bermuda grass is one of the best choices for a hot, sunny climate. Benefits of Bermuda Grass Bermuda germinates quickly and grows vigorously to produce a fine-textured and dense lawn.  It’s a resilient, wear-resistant turf and is often planted in golf courses and athletic fields.  Bermuda spreads rapidly by surface and underground [...] Read Full Article
  • Fescue Grass Guide

    Fescue is referred to as a cool-season grass. As the name implies, cool-season grasses can endure cold temperatures but decline in the summer’s heat. There are numerous turf-type fescues available.  Turf-type fescues are improved fescue varieties that have finer blades and deeper, more vigorous root systems. Generally, they are more [...] Read Full Article