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Indoor Gardening

Ideas for best enjoying an indoor garden.
  • Houseplant Garden

    Indoor Project Add a fresh touch to your home with a garden filled with a mix of blooming and colorful foliage plants. This indoor garden combines the long lasting blooming Anthuriums with trailing variegated Pothos and Lime Dracaena in a textured basket. Rather than plant these houseplants directly in the basket [...] Read Full Article
  • Terrarium Toppers

    When it's hot outside move indoors for some gardening fun. Plant a mini garden in glass. Get creative planting your terrarium to show off your personal style. Not only is it fun to choose plants for your terrarium, it's also fun to choose decorative elements to use a top dressing for [...] Read Full Article
  • Four Popular & Easy Houseplants

    Four Popular & Easy Houseplants Growing houseplants indoors improves our home or office environments by providing a beautiful green aesthetic that reduces stress. They also improve our air quality by removing toxic contaminants that are in the air. There are four houseplants that are not only popular, but also easy to [...] Read Full Article
  • Pet-Friendly Houseplants

    Pet-Friendly Houseplants Houseplants add beauty to our homes as well as health benefits. They clean our air making our homes healthier. There are however some plants that are not safe to have around pets. If you have pets in your home you’ll want to avoid them and choose houseplants which are non-toxic [...] Read Full Article
  • Orchid Gardens

    Orchid Gardens    Orchids are beautiful long lasting flowers. They bloom for weeks and even months at a time. And, they are actually quite easy to grow! Just place them in a spot in your home that receives bright but indirect light and water them thoroughly every two weeks.  A great way to [...] Read Full Article
  • Aeriums

    Aeriums are glass gardens similar to terrariums. In this case the glass vessels hold Tillandsias, also known as air plants. Like terrariums these aeriums become their own mini eco-systems. They are attractive gardens that are easy to care for, and fun to grow and iby making your own, they allow [...] Read Full Article
  • Gardening Under Glass with Terrariums

    Looking for an indoor project that will add a bit of health benefit and elegance?  Create an indoor miniature garden in glass. Glass gardens known as terrariums are a fun project for a cold day.   Here is every thing you need to get going: Shopping list  glass container gravel or small pebbles crushed charcoal potting [...] Read Full Article
  • Easy, Beautiful Orchids

    Orchids add beauty and elegance to our homes. There are many different varieties and colors to choose from. While their elegance might make you think that they are difficult to care for, they are actually quite easy. Phalaenopsis Orchids also known as Moth orchids are probably the most widely known orchid [...] Read Full Article
  • How to Determine How Much Light you Have Indoors

    The only thing you need to know when you come to Armstrong Garden Centers to select your houseplant is what type of light the plant will receive in the spot you want to place it. And there's an easy way to determine the amount of light you have. Take a piece of [...] Read Full Article
  • Ten Most Popular Houseplants for a Healthy New Year

    Ring in the new year with a new houseplant and a healthier, greener home. Houseplants not only add beauty indoors, they improve the health of our environments. By releasing oxygen and decreasing dust and pollutants in the air they remove contaminants and help us to fight colds. The peaceful zen [...] Read Full Article