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How-To Videos

Armstrong Garden Centers can help with your gardening dilemma. Watch instructional how-to videos to show you how to create a great landscape or garden.
  • How-To Video: Planting a Summer Vegetable Garden

    Growing veggies is very easy, but there are basic requirements that must be met: full sun (six to eight hours a day of direct sun), rich well-amended soil, and regular water. Plant choice Grow what you like to eat Tomatoes, corn, beans, squash, cucumbers, peppers are all very easy Purchase seedlings at an independent [...] Read Full Article
  • How-To Video: Planting Cool Season Veggies

    In temperate California gardens, there are two seasons for veggies, warm season and cool season.  Cool season is from October through March. Selection Leaf crops, like chard, lettuce, cabbage. Root crops like beets, turnips, carrots (best from seed.) Peas, broccoli and cauliflower. Soil Preparation Full sun area, w/ regular water (either you or an [...] Read Full Article
  • How-To Video: Planting Mums

    Chrysanthemums, or mums, are great for adding quick color to fall gardens. Add them to beds, windowboxes and pots. No need to completely replant pots or flowerbeds. Just tuck mums in around existing plants. They can be left in the ground after blooming, but most people just pull them out [...] Read Full Article
  • How-To Video: Planting Fall Bulbs

    We call them “fall bulbs”, but they’re really fall-planted, spring-blooming bulbs.  Classics like tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, freesias, Dutch irises, paperwhites etc. I. Selection Buy only firm bulbs. Squeeze them. If they’re soft, they’re not fresh. In California, tulips, crocuses need chilling. Put them in the fridge—NOT the freezer!—until late December, then plant All others [...] Read Full Article
  • How-To Video: Determine Sunlight

    Sunlight is one of the most important things to consider when choosing a plant. Every plant has its own unique needs. Sunlight is one of the most important Before you choose your plants, know how much sun the planting area gets There are many gradations of sunlight, and most plants will be fine [...] Read Full Article
  • How-To Video: Determine your Soil Type

    Determining the type of soil you have can help you with your gardening success by making sure you compensate less favorable soil types. Three main types: Clay Sometimes called adobe or just “heavy” soil Particles packed tightly Holds little water or air Drainage is very slow Sandy Loose, large particles Contain lots of air Drains well, but loses nutrients faster Plants need to [...] Read Full Article
  • How-To Video: Orchid Care

    Orchids are beautiful and elegant plants known for their showy flowers; they are a great gift idea or to add a bit of color inside your house. For best results, choose an orchid with half blooms and half buds. Orchids are one of the easiest houseplants to grow  Require minimal care Bloom for [...] Read Full Article
  • How-To Video: Getting Rid of California's Garden Pests

    California's top three pests are Snails, Aphids and Spider Mites.  Here are tips to help get rid of them and keep them out. Gardening is one art where things can change.  Bad bugs can cause detracting damage even in expert gardener’s yard. Controlling pests is easy, once you know what they [...] Read Full Article
  • How-To Video: Planting a Tomato

    Tomatoes are fun and easy to plant and they are also economical because they are a lot less expensive than buying them at the grocery store. Tomatoes are very easy to grow if you meet simple, basic requirements: Full sun (6 to 8 hours a day) Rich, well-draining, well-amended soil Regular water Prepare the soil Mix [...] Read Full Article
  • How-To Video: Choosing a Plant

    At Armstrong Garden Centers you will find a wide variety of plants to fill your garden. Learn how to choose the right type of plants to flourish in your area. Independent, neighborhood garden centers always offer: The widest selection Best cared-for plants (we are trained nurserymen and women) Larger, more mature plants (less likely [...] Read Full Article
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