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How-To Videos

Armstrong Garden Centers can help with your gardening dilemma. Watch instructional how-to videos to show you how to create a great landscape or garden.
  • How-To Video: Waterwise Gardening Tips

    Tips and ideas to save water and still have a beautiful garden; get  started right away with a few easy changes.   Get more tips and ideas in our Waterwise section > Read Full Article
  • How-To Video: Waterwise Container Gardening

    Tips for getting beautiful container planter gardens that, once established, will require less water over time.   Visit our Waterwise section for more ideas and tips > Visit our Pinterest page for garden inspiration all year > Read Full Article
  • How-To Video: Waterwise Plants for California

    Waterwise plants have developed qualities that help them tolerate low rainfall, high heat and drying winds. These characteristics are taproots, leaves with fine gray hairs or high oil content, and bulbous, water-storing roots. Much of California has a “Mediterranean” climate, with minimal winter rains, hot, dry summers and autumns with hot [...] Read Full Article
  • How-To Video: Spring Lawn Care

    A few simple tasks done in early spring will help you have a beautiful green lawn all summer. Clean Up – In early spring, thoroughly rake all leaves, and winter debris from off your lawn Mow – Once your lawn begins to grow, mow and edge it to give it a nice [...] Read Full Article
  • How-To Video: Tips for Starting Seeds

    Starting plants from seeds is so easy and very rewarding. It’s a terrific way to get kids involved in gardening, too. It’s also a great way to save money! What you’ll need Seed-starting containers – Peat pots work great. Come in individual or strips. You can plant the entire pot in the [...] Read Full Article
  • How-To Video: Pruning a Fruit Tree

    This video applies to pruning deciduous (goes dormant and loses its leaves) fruit trees only. Citrus trees are not pruned regularly—only to keep a pleasing shape. Pruning keeps fruit trees healthy, well-balanced in shape, open to sunlight, and promotes fruiting branches. General principles Best time to prune: January through mid-February in California Prune to [...] Read Full Article
  • How-To Video: Pruning a Rose Bush

    Pruning roses is easy—they’re such tough plants that you can’t really hurt them. It’s pretty hard to “over prune” a rose. So be brave—and wear some rose gloves!   Tools needed Gauntlet gloves – leather gloves with leather arm protectors Sharp, clean pruner For large rose stems (and large bushes), long-handled pruners Simple principles Roses bloom on [...] Read Full Article
  • How-To Video: Tips for Beginning Gardeners

    Gardening can be fun, and gardening can be easy! The key is being confident about what you’re doing. At Armstrong Garden Centers, our goal is to take the guesswork out of gardening, because it’s the guesswork that makes gardening mysterious and sometimes not so much fun. 1. Decide how much time [...] Read Full Article
  • How-To Video: Winter Planting for Beginners

    Winter is the “Second Season” of gardening in California.  After all, our gorgeous, mild-winter weather is why we live here, right? It’s a wonderful, relaxing time to garden. There are three primary winter gardening activities: Planting and harvesting “cool-season” edibles Planting colorful, cool-season flowers Planting dormant fruit tree, berries and roses Top choices for winter [...] Read Full Article
  • How-To Video: Tips for Spring Gardening

    Here in California, we’re very lucky. California has a very long spring—the longest in the United States. It begins late February and can stretch into June, with our typical, cool, “June-gloom” days. Our long Spring gives us plenty of time to get the garden ready for our extra-long summers of outdoor [...] Read Full Article
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