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    herb garden tower DIY image Full sun project
    Project time: 45 minutes

    Plant a stacked herb garden using several containers and you can have a mixed herb garden nearby even in the smallest spaces. Choose pots in 3 sizes. Fill the largest pot ¾ full of potting soil. Tamp down the soil to make it firm, add more if needed. Place the medium pot on top of the soil. Fill it ¾ full of potting soil. Tamp it down as well and as more soil as needed. Next, place the smallest pot on top and fill it ½ full. Sprinkle E.B. Stone Sure Start Fertilizer in each layer. Plant 4 inch herbs according to the recipe starting with the bottom layer and working your way to the top. Fill in around the plants with potting soil. Then water in thoroughly.


    Shopping List:

    1 – 14 inch terra cotta pot
    1 – 10 inch terra cotta pot
    1 – 6 inch terra cotta pot
    1 bag Potting soil
    1 box E.B. Stone Sure Start
    3 – 4 inch Variegated Thyme
    Herb Garden Tower Recipe image2 – 4 inch Purple Sage
    1 - 4 inch Columnar Basil
    1 – 4 inch Rosemary
    2 – 4 inch Parsley
    1 – 4 inch Tricolor Sage
    1 – 4 inch Chives



    A – Variegated Thyme
    B – Purple Sage
    C – Columnar Basil
    D – Rosemary
    E – Parsley
    F – Tricolor Sage
    G – Chives



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